Burn Times for Sparklers

If you are creating the classic Wedding Sparkler Sendoff--people lining both sides of a walkway, through which the bride and groom leave the reception, while everyone is holding lit sparklers--get #36 Gold Sparklers. They are the only ones which burn long enough to get the whole process done.

#36 Gold Wedding Sparkler: burns for 190 seconds
The most popular sparkler for Wedding Sparkler Sendoffs is the #36 sparkler. That's because it burns the longest of all--for about 190 seconds--over 3 minutes. That gives you time enough to get all of your guests lit up at the same time, and still have time for bride and groom photos. Rule of thumb is to order one #36 sparkler per invited guest.

#20 Gold Sparkler: burns for 105 seconds
The #20 sparkler is popular for small weddings where you may not want to set up a line of people in a formal sparkler sendoff. It is also used to light other sparklers, for children to hold, and to create sparkler writing. You should get at least 2 of these sparklers per guest.

#14 Gold Sparkler: burns for 55 seconds
Order #14 sparklers when you're on a tight budget or when you just want to hand some sparklers out to your guests to use any way they want. Because it burns for only 55 seconds, it is not a good sparkler to use for sparkler sendoffs. It's also a good sparkler for children to use (supervised by an adult, of course), for lighting other sparklers, and for sparkler writing. You should get at least 2-4 of these sparklers per guest.

Heart Shaped Gold Sparkler: burns for 65 seconds
Heart Sparklers are shaped like a heart on the end of a steel wire. They make an unusual novelty effect. They burn for 65 seconds, and are also small and lightweight enough for children to hold. One per guest.