How To Light Your Sparklers

The biggest problem people have with sparklers is getting them lit.

But it's no problem at all if you follow these simple directions.

Watch this video and learn how to light as many sparklers as you want, the first time and every time--no matter what the weather is.

If you are staging a Sparkler Sendoff, you want all of your guests'  sparklers burning at the same time. That's how you get those magical, dazzling photos you've seen.  

And you need to get them all lit FAST  . . . before any of the sparklers burn out!

Get everyone lit up quickly and at the same time with this professional windproof Sparkler Lighter.  

The  torch-like flame from these push-button butane lighters will light each  sparkler in a second or two.  The more lighters you have, the faster you can get all of your sparklers lit and burning at the same time.

This lighter works in wind, snow, and even light rain or mist.  Just touch the point of the blue flame to the end of each sparkler.  Or, just stand your lighter up on any flat surface and stick your sparklers into the blue flame.

Matches are impossible to use for a Sparkler Sendoff.  Cheap Bic lighters, and even BBQ click lighters, can take forever to get your sparklers lit--if they work at all.  

This professional butane sparkler lighter gives you 100% certainty that you can get all your sparklers lit, and still have enough time for plenty of photos and beautiful videos.

Just click the Add To My Order Button right now to get your lighters shipped along with your sparklers. Butane fuel cannot be shipped with your lighters, but you can find it at drug and hardware stores for around $5.


Video Highlights
0:05 Getting your sparklers lit.
0:20 Why matches are a big no-no.
0:32 Clicker lighters work, but they are not the best.
0:42 Your best bet is a windproof lighter.
0:57 How to light a bunch of sparklers for all your guests.
1:39 Warning don't light "bundles" of sparklers.
1:50 Smart Tip: How to dispose of sparklers.
2:00 Easy light tips are the way to go.