How To Stage A Dazzling Wedding Sparkler Sendoff

Getting from Start to Finish with your sparkling sendoff is not hard, but you do need a plan if you're gonna pull it off.

Wedding Sparklers Direct provides high quality, reliable, safe wedding sparklers to more than 7500 weddings every year.

But we not only supply sparklers, we can also show you exactly how to use them. Briefly, here's how to transform those simple gray sticks into the most beautiful, fun, and memorable moments of your entire wedding.

First, Make Sure You Can Say Yes to These Questions

If you answered "Yes" to all of those questions, then you are ready to create your own incredibly beautiful Sparkling Sendoff.

Here's the Fun Part--Plan Your Sparkling Sendoff

Decide what you want your sparkling sendoff to look like. Cruise our site, our Facebook and Pinterest pages and get ideas.

Then come up with your own concept. Don't worry about all the details yet. We'll give you all the details you'll need before you actually have to do anything.

Start thinking about your sendoff visually. If you already know the layout of your venue, it will help you a lot. Are you going to use your sparklers in the traditional way, with you and your new mate walking toward your getaway car, between a line of guests like this?

Where will your sendoff take place at the venue? How long is the walk? Is it wide enough for two lines of people plus you two, as you walk to your car? About how many people will be involved?

Start getting at least a rough idea of what you want to do. Make notes. Sketch the layout.

Next, start thinking about the photos you want. Will some of your photos be posed and taken by your photographer before your exit, or even before your wedding night?

This is a good time to be thinking about finding a photographer with experience in shooting nighttime weddings, and especially sparklers. Some photographers will even set up and manage the whole sparkler process for you.

Pick Someone to Be the "Sparkler Boss"

Decide who'll be in charge of making the sparkler sendoff happen. Pick somebody you trust, who's a good manager, and who will be sober. This is one of the most important parts of the whole sparkler sendoff process.

This is the person who gets everybody in position at the right time.

Who makes sure everyone has sparklers, and enough of them.

Who gets them all lit at the same time. And who manages the timing of the whole process.

And timing is critical with sparklers. They burn for a limited amount of time.

You have a narrow sparkler-burn time window during which you have to get all guests positioned, the photographer in place and ready, and the bride and groom moving through the line with enough time to get all the photos you want.

As soon as you know who the sparkler boss is going to be… that's when to get them involved in planning.

We have a detailed plan for you and your Sparkler Boss to use. It includes checklists, timeline planning, and a lot of lessons learned the hard way by us and thousands of our customers. We've being doing this since 2002.

Wedding Sparklers 101

Before you spend any money on sparklers, here's what you need to know:

What is a Sparkler?

A sparkler is either a wire or wooden stick, part of which is dipped into a wet pyrotechnic composition and then dried. When it's dry, you light the sparkler, hold the bare end and it will slowly burn from one end to the other.

Sparklers and Smoke

All sparklers make smoke when they burn. Regardless of what you read on the internet, there's no such thing as a smokeless sparkler. But you do want to get the least smokey ones--steel wire Gold Wedding Sparklers.

Indoors vs. Outdoor Use

Normally it's not a good idea to use sparklers indoors. But it may work if you have a brick, stone, or tile floor—something which cannot be damaged by a burning sparkler. And if the building has a high capacity air handling capability, it may be okay to use them inside some buildings. Your venue will give you a yes or no on this.

Wooden Stick Sparklers

Never ever use wooden stick sparklers in your wedding.

Wooden stick sparklers are a No-No for weddings. Both the sparkler composition and the stick burn up. So they drop a lot of ashes… which can burn clothing, carpets, table cloths, etc.

Steel Wire Sparklers

Sparklers on steel wires are the way to go for your wedding.

As the sparkler on a steel wire burns, the burned up composition stays on the wire stick. They are less likely to drip ashes, and are much safer to use.

Colored Sparklers vs. Glittering Sparklers

You may find sparklers which burn in colors. They are usually on wooden sticks. This makes them a safety problem, a smoke problem, and they do not glitter. What you want is "glittering, sparkling" sparklers. Specifically, look for "gold wedding sparklers." These are the ones which will give you the most satisfactory results, especially in photos.

Sparkler Length and Burn Time

The longer the sparkler, the longer it burns. #36 Gold Wedding Sparklers burn for 3-4 minutes. The shorter ones burn for a minute or so each.

At Wedding Sparklers Direct, you can get three different lengths of sparklers, called #14, #20, and #36. Those numbers are the approximate length of each sparkler in inches. But they're not exactly that length, though. For instance, a #36 sparkler is usually shorter than 36 inches.

The Best Choice for Most Weddings: #36 Gold Wedding Sparklers

They burn from 3-4 minutes. That's long enough for everyone to have one sparkler, get them all lit at the same time, and have time enough for bride, groom, and photographer to do their thing.

But shorter sparklers are good to have, too. Order some shorter ones for children to use, for lighting other sparklers, and for making "sparkler writing" photos.

How to Light Sparklers

Remember what you need to accomplish: you want to leave the venue with all of your guests holding lit sparklers at the same time, and have long enough for the photographer to get those incredibly beautiful, one-of-a-kind photos that you and your family and friends will treasure forever. You can get a video from us that shows you exactly how to get all your guests lit up quickly.

But in a nutshell:

Sparkler Costs

Sparklers for the average wedding cost around $175. They are amazingly inexpensive, considering what they can do to improve the atmosphere, beauty, and excitement of your wedding. Sparklers will be one of the lowest cost items in your wedding.

With sparklers you get what you pay for.

Buying cheap sparklers means that you sacrifice quality and burn time. Wooden, colored, and Morning Glory sparklers are cheaper, but are an absolute no-no for weddings. Shorter sparklers are cheaper but don't burn long enough. "Party" and "July 4th" sparklers not designed specifically for weddings are sometimes cheaper, but are often much, much harder to get lit, and have wimpy sprays of sparks.

How Many Sparklers Do You Need?

Simple, order one #36 Gold Wedding Sparkler per invited guest. (or two #20s, or three #14s per guest)

Not all of your guests will actually use the sparklers. Some may not be sober. Some may have left, etc. But you need extra sparklers for several things:

Our Bottom Line Recommendation

In most cases, we suggest that you order enough #36 Gold Wedding Sparklers to have one per wedding guest. In addition, we suggest you get a smaller quantity of either #20 or #14 Gold Wedding Sparklers to use for all the other purposes.

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